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As a consultant, I focus on the high-tech and luxury industries where I put my extensive international experience in marketing, digital strategy, and customer experience to work for brands I love.

I've always lived where technology, marketing, and digital innovation meet. 

I was born in Paris, grew up in New York City, then lived in New Jersey, California, and Switzerland. I've been an engineer, entrepreneur, sales enabler, technical evangelist, community manager, product marketer, and digital strategist. Yes, all in the same lifetime.

I helped technology companies leverage social for marketing and PR purposes. Then developed Swiss luxury watch brands' online communities and digital strategies. 

I built and led digital customer experience for Autodesk's Global Customer Service and Support organisation. Then ran product marketing at Sprinklr - the world's leading social experience management platform.

At Lithium, I helped many of the world's largest, most fascinating brands stay profitable, competitive, and relevant in this new complex digital era.

I evolved in both B2C and B2B spaces helping tech and luxury brands increase top-line revenue, expand awareness, increase market share, and improve customer experience.

These days I live on the Salesforce Ignite team as a strategic innovation executive where I help our largest strategic enterprise clients re-imagine themselves through the eyes of their customers.